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Disclosure Policy

I often review products for my own research and to share my thoughts, experiences, and opinions with you. These are my own opinions and I am never paid to recommend a product. I do not blog about products that I don’t support. Occasionally companies and brands will send me products to try, free of cost. Whenever I review or refer to a product that was provided to me, I will make it clear in the post that I received free samples, otherwise assume it is a product that I have purchased.

If a product review is completed at the request of a company/brand, my compensation of cash or product will not factor into my review. If I don’t like a product, I will not review it on the blog. Occasionally, I will write sponsored posts, for which I am paid in cash or other compensation. If and when I do write a sponsored post or recipe, I make it clear within the content of the post/recipe. I often participate in recipe contests and am eligible to win prizes. My participation in a recipe contest will always be disclosed.


If I link to a product or company or where to purchase the item, this link may be an affiliate one. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. That means that if you click on an Amazon link in my blog post and buy something, I’ll receive a small percentage for referring you. I am also an affiliate for Designs for Health, Beautycounter, Thrive Market, Vital Proteins, and Vitamix and will receive commission if you purchase using my affiliate links.

Site Intent and Purpose:

Information presented on this site is intended as both a professional representation of the nutrition and communications I provide to companies through my business as well as a personal representation of my views on food and nutrition through my blog.

Sponsorship Policy:

Any sponsored posts are clearly marked as such. It is my policy to only accept compensation for businesses and brands I believe in and would already recommend. Sponsored social media posts will be indicated with the hashtags #sponsored, #ad or #client.

Brand Affiliations & Relationships:

I accept payment for freelance projects and ongoing consulting work from a variety of clients, including but not limited to food companies and food commodity organizations. I may have mentioned said companies and brands in previous blog posts, but did get paid specifically for those mentions. I do not engage in business with companies whose products do not match my personal and professional beliefs. Any previous mention of these products in my personal blog represents my belief that they support my professional and personal goals.

The use of the term “professional” throughout this site represents informational services only. None of the information on this site or the services performed by Danielle Omar, should be considered as a medical diagnosis or treatment.

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