Praise for Danielle's 21-Day Clean Eating Detox

mina fiesWorking with Danielle saved my life.  It may sound a little dramatic, but I literally feel like a new person after just a few short weeks.  This is mainly due to learning I have Celiac disease!  I never would’ve figured this out if I hadn’t gone through this clean eating program.  By taking all of the gluten, dairy, sugars and junk out of my diet, my body was allowed to go back to it’s natural state and I haven’t felt this good in years! Thanks Danielle for putting together such a well-balanced and easy-to-follow plan that’s helping so many people just like me.  I plan to continue “eating clean” for the rest of my life, and I have you to thank for that.

Mina Fies  | Founder and CEO, Synergy Design & Construction

katiemorfordI don’t know of a better “reset button” for cleaning up your diet and taking better care of yourself than Nourish. It is so well thought out, is based on real research about what it means to eat healthfully and feel better as a result, and Danielle offers support during every step of the way. I also love how it pushed me to explore new ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques that I had never tried before. Two thumbs up.

Katie Morford, RD  | Author of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

sallyAs a dietitian, I already think a lot about food and health–and I have to admit that I was a skeptic going in to the Clean Eating Detox the first time. But now I’m a believer. The Detox caused me to think about food and health in new ways. It challenged me to own up to some of my not-so-great eating habits, introduced me to some new favorite foods (like green smoothies), and pushed me outside my comfort zone in a very good way!

Sally Kuzemchak | RD, Author and Snacktivist at Real Mom Nutrition

ursula coxBeing in the wellness industry for over a decade, I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about nutrition, but I was wrong. Danielle taught me the importance of consuming quality foods, helped me kick my daily coffee addiction and so much more. I am a work in progress, but after completing Danielle’s detox program, I am so much more knowledgeable and aware of the right food choices for my body. Thank you, Danielle, you are a leading expert on your field, and I appreciate all that I have learned from you!

Ursula Cox  | Yoga Instructor and Owner, Inner Power Yoga

lisaSI highly recommend Danielle. I achieved great success working with her. I really appreciated her model of learning about me first – what foods I normally eat and prefer, my exercise, sleep, and work schedules.  She was able to incorporate foods I just couldn’t give up (even if only a taste!) to allow me to feel as though I was still eating and enjoying my preferred choices.  Her approach taught me how to spread out my meals and prepare the appropriate portion sizes and how much carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that I should eat at every meal.I enjoyed preparing the recipes she suggested and learned it’s very easy to eat well if you plan ahead!

Lisa S. | Technology Executive

Ann WoodsonDanielle’s Detox Program has changed the way I look at food, eating habits, and nutrition.  She gives practical advice that can fit into a busy lifestyle, but that also forces you to take the time to focus on yourself and your own health and healing. As a busy working mom with two small children, I found that this program helped me to not only take the time to make whole, real food for myself, but for my family as well.  I feel energetic, lighter, cleaner, and even my exercise feels better.  I am not bloated, sluggish, nor run down at the end of the day and think the removal of the daily toxins through this program helped to get me here.  I have done this detox twice, and learned something different this time than the first.  It is truly a great gift to give yourself and your family.

Ann Woodson | Consultant at Deloitte and mom of 2 boys

mary_testimonialI had stalled in my weight loss. I had lost 30 pounds but wanted to lose 10 more. I was exercising but not losing weight and I always felt hungry.  Danielle took the time to get to know me, my food likes and dislikes.  She tailored my meal plan to my schedule, foods that I like, and even opened my eyes to some new foods. And it wasn’t just about food, she also got me to add the body pump and Pilates to my workout plan. I have learned to eat healthier. I eat out less.  I run a whole lot better!  I am a smarter person when it comes to nutrition.  Also, I have found that my craving for junk food is almost nonexistent!   It is hard work for me – the whole eating better and exercising thing – but I know when I stay focused the rewards are well worth it!

Mary Smith | Accountant

Deborah AbbottDuring Danielle’s detox I gained a greater awareness about the direct impact food has on my body and my general wellbeing and mood. You really ARE what you eat! I lost 5 kgs, and feel just so much better in my skin, in my clothes and my general mood is a lot calmer and more confident. I discovered some amazing mouth-watering recipes which I will continue to cook, not for the purpose of cooking detox-friendly (though that is a bonus!) but because they are just plain DELISH!  I realize that being healthy and detoxing is not about starving yourself or punishing yourself with what foods you can and cannot eat. It is about redirecting your focus so that you reach your optimum health level and function at your maximum potential.  Thank you so much Danielle, you are great in what you do and this has been a wonderful journey I have embarked on. Thank you for encouraging us, and being practical and kind and supportive throughout the programme! For me, is is the beginning of a new healthier life for me – and my husband!

Deborah Abbott | Founder of Vectoring Talents, and co-founder and coach-trainer of Speak Up and Lead

erin turnerThis was my 3rd time completing a detox and each time the experience gets better and better. Danielle’s program is top notch!  You are provided with more than enough information to be successful.  I have found her written materials to be detailed and easy to understand and her recipe collection delicious. The Facebook page is a fabulous way to ask questions of Danielle and also share ideas with the group.  The conference calls (and recordings) are yet another way to interact and receive information at the same time. I have never felt better than I do today.  I am amazed at my energy level – all without caffeine and sugar.  I now have the stamina to go from sun up to sun down and not feel exhausted.  My mind is clearer.  No more brain fog.  My moods are more stable and upbeat. I can not wait to experience this again.  Thank you Danielle for changing my life!

Erin Turner | 6th Grade Teacher

keriDruganI have always been active. I started off as a dancer and soon became interested in fitness not only as a hobby but also as a profession. Working out was never a problem, but eating was always a struggle. I didn’t know what my body needed, when to eat, or how many calories to have, or what I needed to have more energy throughout my day. I’m  super busy and I run around a lot and needed help getting a food plan that gave me energy and stamina as well as kept me fit. One of the things I love about Danielle is her practicality to nutrition. She didn’t say just eat salads; she gave me realistic, healthy and fun options to make my daily eating easy.  She is personable and extremely knowledgeable in her field.  One of things I also really loved was when she took me to the grocery store and showed me how to properly read labels and chose the right foods.  It made eating fun and exciting. When I follow the plan that Danielle gave me I feel and look fit, I’m fully satisfied, and I feel healthy.

I recommend everyone I know to Danielle.  She is one of the nicest and most intelligent people I know. I love her group programs, social media advice, and all that she offers for her current and potential clients.  I’m always learning from her.  Whether it’s her caring nature or her passion for healthy living, everyone from those who need to lose weight to those who just want to tone up can benefit from Danielle’s work.  She truly is wonderful!

Keri Roberts | Owner, eMotion Dance and Fitness

caitydavistestiThe detox program is a commitment. With this commitment, I have received in return: more sound sleep, I wake easier and feeling more refreshed, a leaner, cleaner body, consistent energy, clear mind and I simply breath easier. Danielle’s expertise and enthusiasm are motivating and inspiring. I have always wanted to live this type of lifestyle, Danielle has given me the tools to do so and I will be forever grateful!

Caity Davis | Personal Trainer, Co- Owner Fit One Studio

AndreatestiThis is the second detox that I have participated in with Danielle.  I had such an amazing experience last fall that I jumped at the chance to do it again this winter season.  I have found that participating in these detoxes really resets my whole system.  I have more energy, my skin looks and feels better, I’m able to sleep better, and my food palate has completely changed.  Foods end up having much more taste, I end up appreciate much more subtle flavors and don’t have nearly the number of really strong savory or sweet cravings.  I think I’m going to be a lifer from now own.  I can easily see myself incorporating 2 or 3 detoxes a year into my routine, to keep myself feeling good and taking good care of myself.  There always seems to be something new to learn, some fun new recipes to try, and a great sense of community and sharing through the participant Facebook page.  Danielle, thanks again for everything you’ve done to help me make major improvements in my life!

Andrea Papas  | Assistant Controller

Sharon TestiI think you should call your detox the “re-inventing eating” plan rather than  the 21 Day Detox because I believe that you’ve helped me make a seismic shift in the way I eat, not just temporarily, but for good!  I thought I knew how to eat pretty healthily but you have taught me some new tricks and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.  Who would have guessed all the creative things one can do with nuts…and chia seeds!  Let alone all the fantastic meals that are so simple, easy to prepare, tasty and very satisfying. I feel healthy, clear-headed, bright-eyed and pretty darn good after this…even though I cheated  a little here and there! This is a great program – you’ve thought of everything. Thank you so much!

Sharon Houldsworth | Reston, VA

aletheatestiI wanted to detox primarily for cleansing and secondarily to learn how to prepare more plant based dishes.  The results for me are just amazing.  I feel stronger, energized and cannot believe the changes I have already seen in my face and overall body.  Today my dentist, who has not seen me in 6 months, said, “what are you doing”? Your skin look amazing!! Needless to say, I gloated all over Danielle Omar! I really enjoyed the closed Facebook page which lends itself to one not feeling alone. We read and see others feelings and thoughts and also learn from each member. Highly recommended for anyone desiring to make a healthy lifestyle change. Thanks a million!!

Alethea McFarlane | Stoughton, MA

Liz menches testimonialThank you so much for your wonderful detox programme! I wanted to detox because I wanted to lose some weight and feel as if I was getting rid of foods which possibly made me feel sluggish, as I needed so much sleep. I have had a wonderful detox experience and have never had so much energy and needed so little sleep in my life. The recipes introduced ingredients into my diet which, although I like, I don`t really use often. Also I have a general feeling of well-being, knowing I am feeding my body only healthy foods. This is going to become a way of eating of the future for me. Thank you so much!

Liz Menches  | Owner, EAM Communications

melanietestiI always like to start the New Year with a look at my eating habits, and saw this time that I had started drinking a glass or two of wine regularly with my dinner and also having regular coffee, and was definitely succumbing to my sweet tooth more than I should. It was time to clean up my act! I now no longer have any craving for coffee, and can even find a plate of chocolate biscuits not a temptation anymore- the wine will be the struggle for me, but I have decided to have some wine once a week and see how that feels; I was struggling to lose the last few kilos that I wanted to, but have actually lost 3kgs on the program, so I am all fit for summer already! I have also benefited from the downtime in the sauna, meditating. It could have been a stressful couple of weeks with all that has been happening in my life during the detox but instead I have found extra strength from the quiet reflective times to remain positive and energised. Thank you so much Danielle for the time shared and your endless patience and wisdom; I had a friend going through a detox program at a spa in the UK at the same time as me and she was always hungry and grumpy and sounded thoroughly miserable whereas mine was exactly the opposite- really really enjoyable.

Melanie Gulliver |President, PWN Nice-Côte d’Azur

AnuSimpkinsonGrocery shopping was akin to going to the dentist for me.  After applying Danielle’s thoughtful easy-to-follow techniques, not only have I transformed my pantry and refrigerator, I have transformed my way of thinking about food.  Meal prep is easier, cooking for my family is easier and my kids eat healthfully and don’t even realize it.  A true game changer!

Anu S. |Project Manager & Mom of 2

heathertestiI wanted to detox after the holiday season because I felt as though I needed to reset my eating habits and get back to my normal routine with a focus on overall wellness.   I’ve enjoyed several results from my winter 2014 detox journey including losing the 6 lbs I put on over the holiday season, my hot flashes (which were occurring multiple times an hour) have subsided completely.  I feel focused and energized and feel lighter in spirit.  The routine of the detox helps me get through the winter doldrums because I’m experiencing with new, fun recipes and using the harvest of the season.

Heather M. | North Andover, MA

marisatestiThe reasons I wanted to detox were mainly to see if I could have more energy, fight the mid-day slump I’d been having and any weight loss along with it would be an added bonus.  What I experienced was what I sought and so much more! I woke up feeling energized, didn’t feel a need for a caffeine kick to wake me up. I gained a new level of energy, and felt great throughout the whole day. I no longer needed a nap at 2pm. In addition to the physical energy boost, I also experienced a huge mental boost. There was a new level of clarity that I honestly don’t ever remember feeling. I lost my cravings for food and actually started to feel my appetite decrease. An added bonus was that I learned a bunch of new recipes and learned new ways to cook with foods I had never cooked or liked before. I did lose weight, and clothes fit me better- added bonus! I learned so much through this process including more about my relationship to food, and how much hidden sugar I’ve actually been consuming. The detox is over, but the changes I’ve made will last. It has been a great experience.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Marisa Woodget  | Seattle Mom of 2

charlotteI knew I wasn’t eating well,  I was spending way too much time worrying and stressing out about work and it left me tired, with a few extra pounds and definitely not feeling good about myself. It was the beginning of January and like most people I was thinking diet but after I read Danielle’s January Newsletter titled “Don’t Diet, Do This Instead”  I decided not to start some fad diet but to schedule a breakthrough session instead. I was kind of embarrassed filling out the questionnaire and admitting that I hit the candy bowl at work 5 times a day and run to the pantry the minute I get home from work for a pre-dinner feast. From talking with Danielle she made me realized that I wasn’t eating nutritious and filling meals therefore I was always hungry and munching on sugary snacks all day long. I was worried Danielle would give me a strict plan to stick to with specific foods to eat at set times but instead she taught me about what healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks should be so I am satisfied and don’t have cravings. We also discussed what the best options are when grabbing lunch from a quick restaurant chain.   After the session ended, I started thinking about my meals for the next few days and made a grocery list of all the foods I need to cook balanced dinners and healthy snacks I can keep at home or take with me when I am on the go.

I have been planning my meals and eating three balanced meals and two healthy snacks a day for the past few weeks, I also starting working out a couple days a week. I have already lost a few pounds, I have more energy, feel a lot better, don’t even crave sugar (I haven’t touched the candy bowl at work since the breakthrough session!) and the best part about it is that Danielle didn’t put me on a diet but gave me the tools I needed to eat healthy without feeling hungry or deprived.

Charlotte Le Pemp-Sharma | New Mom

KarenShapirotestiThis was my second detox with Danielle.  The first detox got me more mindful and aware of healthy, clean eating and broke some unwanted habits but I felt a second detox, a few months later, would be a good opportunity to get the ingrain these concepts even further.  This detox confirmed that when I eat “clean” or follow a detox lifestyle I feel good and healthy and energized.  My mind always feels very clear when I eat this way and I can feel very in control and ready to take on whatever the day throws at me.

Karen Shapiro | New York City

CollettetestiI wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Danielle’s Detox program.  I was hoping I’d gain a little energy and learn a few new recipes along the way but I will admit, I was skeptical.  I thought we’d have to eat weird or gross things and it would not be practical for a typical family.  I very much doubted my ability to stick with the program for the full 21 days.  Not only did I complete it, but it far exceeded my expectations.   I learned so much through her program – from what to look for on labels and what to watch out for, how to prepare new/different foods, how to easily swap-out unhealthy options for better choices and why these things are so important to good health.  Prior to this program, I thought I knew how to eat healthy and for the most part, I thought I already was.  But as it turns out, some very simple and practical changes can make a world of difference.  And the best part is, Danielle holds your hand through the program every step of the way.   From her extensive program materials to weekly conference calls and super speedy responses to every sort of question under the sun, she is dedicated to your success.    With Danielle’s help, I feel like I have  my life back.  For the first time in years, I have the energy and clarity of mind to feel alive again.  This has been a life changing experience for me and I am forever grateful for Danielle’s help.

 Colette | Working Mom with 3 young boys

pam_testimonialI did my first detox a year ago and found that detoxing a second time around is both easier and more successful. Because I had already integrated healthier habits from my first detox, detoxing did not have any negative side effects, and my familiarity with the program enabled me to have time to try more recipes and eat a wider range of food this time around. Danielle is extremely knowledgeable about food and nutrition and does a great job of motivating the group. She offers firm guidance through the detox process but is flexible enough in her approach that no one should ever be afraid to try detoxing! I am a big fan and hope to turn more of my friends onto this program.

Pam Pick  | Founding Partner, Linking Leaders, LLC

This should be called the Down to Earth Detox.  When I first heard the term “detox,” I was intrigued because I needed a change, but very skeptical.  Danielle’s practical ariannetestiapproach made it easy for me to stick with the plan and reap the benefits of detoxing.  Also, because Danielle operates the detox through conference calls, emails and Facebook, you take advantage of the group suport anywhere, anytime.  It’s great.  What can change in 21 days?  My skin is clearer, aches and pains are gone, several pounds disappeared, energy level is up and I even rise in the morning without an alarm now.  It is surprising even as I write it, but true.  Well worth it, no doubt about it.

Arianne C.  | Southern California

deborah_testimonialAt 46, I thought I knew enough about health and nutrition.  Danielle opened my eyes and my mind to a better way of living. By taking the time over these 21 days, I learned much more about the benefits of eating clean-er, paying attention to my body’s reaction by eliminated certain foods and introducing new ones to my overall diet.  The weekly conference calls made the 21 days more personal and boosted my moral when I was tempted to veer off course.  Overall, I lost weight, I feel amazing and I have incorporated these new principals into my daily routine. I am blessed to have had the opportuity to be a part of this and strongly urge everyone to try it.  The 21 days were flew by – and the results are amazing.

Deborah Ann Brown | New York

nicoleHDanielle is a caring professional that really takes the time to understand where her clients are at and builds a plan that makes sense based on their lifestyle. Her knowledge of nutrition paired with her understanding that we are all people and won’t be perfect allows her to build a plan that you can stick to. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to build in healthier practices into my busy life. Her advice has been invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone. She is the type of person who is great for any situation if you need to make big drastic changes or if you just want to become better educated about how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Nicole Hardin | Vice President of Search, HireStrategy, Inc & aspiring Yogi

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and I felt lost and confused. I would often “beat myself up” over eating bread, pasta or carbs jennifer Donnelland I would let it ruin my day and in some cases I would just spiral out of control with my eating for the rest of the day. I would let the fact that I had spaghetti for lunch, upset me and then I would have 2 pieces of cake for dessert. I would give up.  I liked the fact that Danielle would listen to me and my struggles with food or control with food. She recognized my weakness and better yet recognized what I needed to hear to be successful with change. I loved how Danielle was always available for me. She always responds to my calls or emails and gives me the advice that I need…..RIGHT THEN! Working with Danielle has impacted my life in every way. I feel confident when I am grocery shopping because I know what I am looking for in my food. I know how to read labels and not focus too much on calories, but to also look at fiber, protein and carbs. It makes grocery shopping a lot more fun and easy. Cooking feels amazing because I know it is healthy. I have no reason to beat myself up, because I know what I am eating. When I go out to eat, I know how to make smart choices now. It really helps to have someone who understands your struggles with food; someone that will listen and not pass judgment. That was the key to my success with Danielle. In the last 5 months, I have lost 17lbs and am only 15lbs away from my goal weight. Could I have done this on my own? Sure. But I know that with the knowledge and education I have gotten about food, I will not gain any of my weight back.

Jennifer Donnell |  Northern Virginia Mom of 2

I LOVED this program! I cannot believe I waited so long to try it and it’s always been because I felt there was no way with 3 boys and a crazy schedule that I would be able to stick to it. I’ve also been one big, weight loss failure over the years. Losing weight is the only thing in my life that I consistently fail at and I was afraid to try the program and fail after 3 days. I didn’t go into the program with the intention of losing weight just wanted to feel better, change eating habits and learn how to make better choices for my family, I accomplished all of that and I even lost 8 lbs. You are so good at what you do, thanks for always being such an inspiration!

Cathy N.  | Mom of 3

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