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“By the end of the month, I had lost 5 pounds and 5 inches around my waist and hips.

I’ve continued to avoid gluten, and have drastically cut down my consumption of dairy, sugar, and alcohol (goodbye beer!) and I’m actually now down 10 pounds since January and have now lost 7 inches total. Bottom line? I feel AMAZING now, and so empowered to know what my triggers are. I used to have to have a dessert item every day — sometimes twice a day. I’ve always had a massive sweet tooth and craved it all like crazy all the time. Now? I have a Larabar every day and I’m totally fine. No need for anything else. But now, when I do want something? I have no problem giving into it just a little bit, and I know when to stop. Not at all like I was before.  Bottom line, I’m super grateful for your program and have recommended it to several friends who are experiencing sensitivities. Thank you so much for all your work in developing it — you have a raving fan here!”


“I have felt energized, lost weight, my skin looks wonderful, and overall it has been a positive life experience.

Nourish was a wonderful experience and helped me understand my food habits and how to manage them. I was not aware of the heightened awareness of food that we would acquire and how what goes into our bodies makes such a tremendous difference.”


“The recipes, along with the wonderful coaching from Danielle, and the camaraderie of the group made this a fun experience.

I came into the Nourish program a bit fearful. I didn’t want to be “restricted,” but I figured I could give it an honest try for the three week period. I soon learned that the restriction was for my learning and I did learn that there are things that my body doesn’t react well to. I don’t want this to end – and I don’t plan for it to. Thanks, Danielle, for a great way to learn about clean eating.”


“If you are looking for support and guidance in changing the way you look at food, look no further.

Getting ready to turn the BIG 40, I happened to stumble upon Danielle’s Nourish program. Feeling like my life was coming to an end and not happy with my body and the way I was feeling, I took a leap of faith and it paid off!

This is my 3rd session with Danielle and I have learned new things (plus AMAZING recipes) from each session. Whether it’s about nutrition, what supplements to take on a daily basis, how to store my fresh produce and the best way to prepare them, to last but not least my eating habits. I would recommend her program to anyone who wants to have a better relationship with food. Thanks, Danielle for your knowledge, support and guidance and I can’t wait for the next session to begin! 40 is now my new 20!”


“Your Nourish program is so effective.

Even given the stress of the past few weeks, I am making sound food choices! In spite of everything, I feel wonderful.”


“I have a family of 5 and we eat together every night.

I was confident that I would have complaints about the meals, snacks, lunches, and breakfasts I was preparing. To my complete surprise, I received raving reviews! All 5 of us enjoyed the recipes Danielle provided. This program was a foodies delight and I’m looking forward to Danielle’s next session!”


“I could never have done this on my own.

This program was the push I needed to take the first step in gaining control of my eating habits. Preprocessed foods were my go-to, but this program has shown me the importance of putting in the effort to prepare and cook what I eat. I tried new foods and was surprised by some of the dishes that became my favorites.”


“Nourish is a realistic program to eat clean and healthy.

Great recipes, great support!”


“I feel so much better.

I feel so much better. I always find that I have more energy. I’ve lost as much as 10 pounds, but on average when I do it, it’s more like 8 pounds which is pretty good.”


“Within that 3-4 week period, my IBS was completely gone.

My whole life I have dealt with IBS and digestive issues and I thought it was just something I had to live with. Danielle has a great perspective that says let’s see what works for YOU. You have nothing to lose doing Nourish… the only outcome you can have has got to be better than where you are.”


“I didn’t go into the program with the intention of losing weight just wanted to feel better, change eating habits and learn how to make better choices for my family, I accomplished all of that and I even lost 8 lbs.

I LOVED this program!  I cannot believe I waited so long to try it and it’s always been because I felt there was no way with 3 boys and a crazy schedule that I would be able to stick to it.  I’ve also been one big, weight loss failure over the years.  Losing weight is the only thing in my life that I consistently fail at and I was afraid to try the program and fail after 3 days.  You are so good at what you do, too bad you wasted those few years at Lifetime, but I’m glad you did otherwise I may not have met you!  Haha…Thanks for always being such an inspiration!”


“The recipes were delicious and I found myself eating food combinations I never thought I’d try!

I participated in the Nourish Program twice and each time I’ve learned a healthier way of eating, living and have lost some needed weight. Danielle’s support was great and the Facebook group made it fun and interactive. I really enjoyed meeting the members of the group!”


“All of my blood work labs results improved.

I took Nourish to get a handle on my nutrition and eating habits. I lost a few pounds and got rid of the daily heartburn that required popping antacids. I benefited from Danielle’s honest, sensible advice and from the online support group. I really felt like I was in a group that understood me and had similar goals. It was a great learning experience.”


“The Nourish program has been the most rewarding and effective health adjustment I’ve ever experienced.

The plan and goals were realistic and coupled with Danielle’s extensive knowledge, group support and mind/body focus the program was very uplifting and confidence boosting. I’ve struggled with weight loss since having kids and juggling a very busy schedule, but with a bit of patience, determination and Danielle’s support and expertise I found success!”


“I lost 10 pounds and I am wearing clothes that I have not worn in a couple years.

I did Nourish a year ago with great results, but I found myself slipping back into making bad food choices. I knew I needed to start eating healthy again. Taking the Spring session of Nourish was exactly what I needed — Danielle’s support, knowledge, healthy food choices and marvelous recipes. The support from fellow participants on Facebook was a great encouragement. Not only do I feel better, but blood tests for cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides improved so much that no meds are needed now.”

Beth, RN

“I gained a better understanding of how my body processes food, which in turn helps me be healthier, clearer-thinking, and happier.

Danielle gave me the tools, structure, and knowledge I needed to adjust my relationship with nourishment to a healthier one. Her encouragement helped me keep on a low FODMAP track throughout the program. Plus she added a bunch of fabulous meals that all my family likes to my repertoire, making it easier for me to keep on the right track. No deprivation here!”


“I found freedom from habitually destructive eating habits and gained confidence in my ability to limit indulgent food choices to rare occasions, if at all.

I highly recommend Danielle’ s 21 Day Nourish program. Danielle’ s guidance and support are hands-on and I found her to be very accessible. I thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and rather than jumping right back to my old food favorites, I’ve found that I would rather continue eating this way as my norm. I feel better in general, have a much more sound sleep, am energetic from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I look healthier, too!”


“I worked out with my trainer tonight – a very tough metabolic workout and I FELT LIKE A MILLION BUCKS!!!

I had so much energy, and my body felt great!  It was such an eye-opener to me that my previous workouts with him have probably felt so much harder because I was sabotaging my progress with bad food choices (or at least not the best choices).  And the best part?  After the workout the only thing I was craving was a greens smoothie, so that’s exactly what I made for dinner!”


“I would wake up with terrible heartburn in the middle of the night and was on a prescription antacid. Just from the 21-day program, I was able to stop it.

I’m also completely off of the Melatonin I had been taking for years. Danielle is helping me figure out my own way of eating. This is work for you from the inside out.  Nourish is not like anything I have ever seen before… just give it a try.”


“My joint pain and joint swelling have decreased and I’m not using my medication as much.

I have struggled my entire life with weight and with eating. I have rheumatoid arthritis and some of the medications you have to take make it difficult to control your weight. Danielle gets into total wellness – kinda like a check up from the neck up.”


“I very much doubted my ability to stick with the program for the full 21 days.  Not only did I complete it, but it far exceeded my expectations.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Danielle’s Nourish program.  I was hoping I’d gain a little energy and learn a few new recipes along the way, but I will admit, I was skeptical.  I thought we’d have to eat weird or gross things and it would not be practical for a typical family. I learned so much through her program – from what to look for on labels and what to watch out for, how to prepare new/different foods, how to easily swap-out unhealthy options for better choices and why these things are so important to good health. Prior to this program, I thought I knew how to eat healthily and for the most part, I thought I already was. But as it turns out, some very simple and practical changes can make a world of difference. And the best part is, Danielle holds your hand through the program every step of the way. From her extensive program materials to weekly calls and super speedy responses to every sort of question under the sun, she is dedicated to your success.  With Danielle’s help, I feel like I have my life back. For the first time in years, I have the energy and clarity of mind to feel alive again.  This has been a life changing experience for me and I am forever grateful for Danielle’s help.”


“Having completed the program with Danielle before, I knew I still had so much more to learn and more work to do with regard to eating cleaner and healthier.

I’ve been a pretty healthy eater for a while now, but I needed to kick it up a notch! Danielle helped me to do this and I can confidently say I’ve changed my approach to what goes into my body forever. I have learned so much and now have so many tools to move forward and make better eating decisions. Life changing!”


“I’d HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who eats well, exercises and yet still battles the scale …or the zipper in their favorite pair of jeans.

This was a fabulous program. It’s not too stringent and I love that Danielle gives you a full week to prep (come off sugar, caffeine and any other allergens you wish). I like that you can repeat the program and ‘take it to the next level.’ I loved the recipes and the support.”


“Nourish was the best thing that I did for myself this summer.

The daily support from Danielle and the group was key to my sticking with the program. Worth every penny. I am signing up for the 21 Day Nourish Program again – I’m a believer. I was able to stay with the program, and now I’m not as hungry as I usually am. It is a lot easier for me to pass by sweets and I am usually the Cookie Monster. It helped that I was it was the right time of my life to start on a change. I am pleased with the progress. Danielle and the ladies on the program are inspiring.”


“During Nourish, I felt very connected to the other participants and to Danielle.

I’ve always been fit and aware of the food-health connection. Since menopause, however, I hit a plateau in my weight loss and the food connection was unclear in my new middle-aged body. The program helped me discover, once and for all, what foods don’t work well with my body. Going it alone would not have given me the results I sought. I lost weight, discovered new foods, and made new FB friends. It was a terrific 21 days!”


“This program is a great re-set to connect back with healthy eating.

It’s flexible enough to fit into your life, and I’ve learned some really key takeaways about my health + nutrition. And even for me, a dietitian who works in food policy, I needed the help and support (and accountability!) of the program to re-engage with this nutritious lifestyle. I had just finished my Ph.D., the process of which left me drained and not eating well for months on end — and Nourish has given me my energy and healthy habits backs. It’s also a great way to learn how to use new ingredients and cooking techniques (hello cauliflower rice + kimchi!) I highly recommend!”


“I have no pains in my body, I feel good, I feel healthy…

I feel like I can do anything. There’s no challenge out there that I can’t take. Nourish gives you the time to think about who you are as a person and how strong you are when it comes to food.”


“I don’t look at food as the enemy anymore or if I’m on or off track.

That whole cycle of my life has completely changed because of Danielle’s program.”


“I wake up feeling energized, and don’t feel a need for a caffeine kick to wake me up.

The reasons I wanted to join Nourish were mainly to see if I could have more energy, fight the mid-day slump I’d been having and any weight loss along with it would be an added bonus.  What I experienced was what I sought and so much more!  I gained a new level of energy, and felt great throughout the whole day. I no longer needed a nap at 2pm. In addition to the physical energy boost, I also experienced a huge mental boost. There was a new level of clarity that I honestly don’t ever remember feeling. I lost my cravings for food and actually started to feel my appetite decrease. An added bonus was that I learned a bunch of new recipes and learned new ways to cook with foods I had never cooked or liked before. I did lose weight, and clothes fit me better- added bonus! I learned so much through this process including more about my relationship to food, and how much hidden sugar I’ve actually been consuming. The program is over, but the changes I’ve made will last. It has been a great experience.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


“Nourish caused me to think about food and health in new ways.

As a dietitian, I already think a lot about food and health – and I have to admit that I was a skeptic going into Nourish the first time. But now I’m a believer. It challenged me to own up to some of my not-so-great eating habits, introduced me to some new favorite foods (like green smoothies), and pushed me outside my comfort zone in a very good way!”

Sally Kuzemchak
RD, Author & Snacktivist at Real Mom Nutrition

“I don’t know of a better ‘reset button’ for cleaning up your diet and taking better care of yourself than Nourish.

It is so well thought out, is based on real research about what it means to eat healthfully and feel better as a result, and Danielle offers support during every step of the way. I also love how it pushed me to explore new ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques that I had never tried before. Two thumbs up.”

Katie Morford, RD
Author and blogger at Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

“Danielle is not only a talented integrative nutritionist and dietitian, she is also a truly gifted teacher.

Danielle’s programs get you real results, not only changing the way you approach food and self-care but also reshaping your body from the inside out.”

Heather K. Jones
RD and creator of Feel Better Eat Better

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