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Healthy Now Program

This FREE 4-week fundamentals course focuses on the basics — what needs to be in place before you can even begin to plan for long-term health success!  This self-study course focuses on meal planning, finding the right exercise for you, why the quality of the food you eat is just as important as the quantity (especially for weight loss), and how you may be sabotaging your efforts (and how to easily fix it). Trackers, meal plans, and two cookbooks are included in this program!



Nourish for a Healthy Weight

Nourish for a Healthy Weight is a group coaching program that teaches you how to make healthy choices a consistent and automatic reflex in your daily life, so you’re no longer paralyzed by fear, doubt, or food guilt. With 6 core Masterclasses and monthly live coaching from Danielle, you’ll recognize your core beliefs around food, your weight, and your health and how they all affect how you eat – plus get the tools for reprogramming those beliefs. Nourish for a Healthy Weight teaches you the mindset tricks, tools & strategies that will keep you super motivated and always moving forward.


Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating

Nourish: 21 Days Of Clean Eating is a proven lifestyle changing program that will supercharge your health and transform the way you eat. During Nourish 21, you will learn which foods give you optimum energy, kick-start awesome changes in your body and help you lose weight. After 21 days, you will feel better than you ever have before!


Nourish Every Day

Nourish Every Day is the next step on your clean eating path! It’s a monthly membership program that carves out space in your life for the inner work needed to help you become the healthiest version of you, done your way. It’s THE place to strengthen your conscious eating mindset, get support and love from an amazing community of like-minded women, and uncover what truly matters to you on your healthy-living journey. Keep up the momentum with Nourish Every Day!


The Nourish Experience

In The Nourish Experience, you get exclusive access to ALL the upcoming Nourish programs for a full year PLUS four private, 1:1 coaching calls with Danielle. Participate in all three seasons of Nourish 21, get lifetime enrollment in Nourish for a Health Weight (with monthly group coaching support) AND get one full year of Nourish Every Day. Upon enrollment, you’ll get immediate access to Nourish for a Healthy Weight and Nourish Every Day and you’ll get VIP access to Nourish 21 when they run live!​


Fasting + Food:
4-Day Fasting Program

Join Danielle and Regan Jones, RD as they guide you on this proven, 4-day fasting with food program. Fasting + Food is perfect for motivated health seekers who want to maximize longevity and improve metabolic flexibility without having to live a fasting lifestyle. Slow down aging, reset your hunger cues, improve body composition, and lose weight by accessing your body’s natural self-healing abilities.



Private Coaching Program

This exclusive 12-week, private one-to-one counseling program is perfect for motivated and passionate health seekers who don’t just want to lose weight and get seriously healthy, but who want to become resilient, self-love masters who know exactly how to feed themselves to fuel their amazing lives.


Strategy Session

Want to pick my brain? Looking for supplement advice? Want help with a specific concern or health issue? This 90-minute strategy session is for you!  Perfect for the person not looking for ongoing nutrition counseling, but wants my expert advice, experience, resources, strategy, perspective, and nutrition know-how to solve a specific problem or health concern.

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