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Here you’ll find all of my current or waitlisted offers. I am currently accepting new private clients inside my THRIVE program. Go ahead and apply if that program interests you! Or, feel free to browse around to see if any of my other offers fit your wellness needs. 



This exclusive private nutrition counseling and coaching program is for motivated and passionate health seekers ready to lose weight and get seriously healthy. It’s for women who want a guide and mentor to help evolve their mindset and deepen their belief in what’s possible. Danielle helps you create the space you need to welcome in the healthiest version of you, done your way. Get ready to become a resilient, self-love master who knows exactly how to fuel her amazing life!


Strategy Session

Want to pick the brain of an integrative nutritionist? Need expert help with a specific health issue? You’re not looking for ongoing nutrition counseling, you just want to tap into my expert advice, experience, resources, strategy, perspective, and nutrition know-how to solve a specific problem or health concern. Strategy Sessions includes one 90-minute coaching session + 2 weeks of Voxer/email support.



Nourish: 21 Days of Clean Eating

Nourish 21 is a proven lifestyle changing clean-eating reset that will supercharge your health and transform the way you eat. This super powerful program is hosted LIVE by Danielle live and opens seasonally: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. In just 21 days time you’ll totally transform your relationship with food. You’ll know for sure the types of foods that kick-start awesome changes in your body, boost energy, and help you lose weight. You’ll feel amazing after completing this program and you’ll create new, healthy habits that will last a lifetime!


Nourish for a Healthy Weight

Nourish for a Healthy Weight is my group coaching program that teaches you how to make healthy choices a consistent and automatic reflex in your daily life, so you’re no longer paralyzed by fear, doubt, or food guilt. With 6 core Masterclasses and monthly live coaching from Danielle, you’ll recognize your core beliefs around food and your weight, and how they all affect how you eat. Nourish for a Healthy Weight helps you create a “toolbox” of strategies that will help reprogram your beliefs and get you unstuck, while ramping up your confidence and motivated to keep moving forward.


Metabolic Mastery

A 6-week immersion course to increase metabolic flexibility, trust your body & manage your weight as you age. Metabolic Mastery is the combination of equal parts curiosity, creativity, strategy, and alignment. This personalized experience is designed for the ambitious, health-seeking woman who knows exactly how she wants to feel in her body as she moves gracefully through her 40s and into mid-life. Inside Metabolic Mastery you’ll be led to a place where aging occurs with grace and confidence – and with a knowing that you are perfectly capable of creating the healthy lifestyle and body you desire.



It isn’t normal to need to eat all day long, to feel hangry when you can’t get to food or  to feel sleepy after eating. These are actually SYMPTOMS of inflexibility – not “just the way your body works.” Fasting + Food can help build your metabolic flexibility, increase longevity by “turning on” cell-based rejuvenation and decrease inflammation in the body. Join this proven 4-day fasting program for motivated health seekers who want to maximize longevity and improve metabolic flexibility without having to live a fasting lifestyle.



Healthy NOW!

This FREE 4-week fundamentals course focuses on the basics — what needs to be in place before you can even begin to plan for long-term health success!  This self-study course focuses on meal planning, finding the right exercise for you, why the quality of the food you eat is just as important as the quantity (especially for weight loss), and how you may be sabotaging your efforts (and how to easily fix it). Trackers, meal plans, and two cookbooks are included in this program!


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