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Masterclass: Lose Weight Naturally

Lose Weight Naturally Masterclass

When it comes to losing weight, have you been there, tried that? Ready to try something different? In this free Masterclass, learn the top three mistakes everybody makes when it comes to losing weight and why they are costing you results. The number one thing you MUST have to lose weight with ease and my 6-step framework for getting to YOUR healthy weight and changing your relationship with food (this is the exact same framework that I teach my private clients!).

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Food Confidence Community

Food Confidence Community Group

In my private Food Confidence Facebook Group, you’ll connect with over 5,400 fellow wellness-seekers who are also on a journey to live their healthiest life. Get exclusive access to FREE monthly Challenges & Trainings on topics like nutrition and food, herbs & supplements, cooking and meal planning PLUS mindset shifts and behavior changes to support you as you change your relationship with weight and food.


Eating with Intention

Unlock your true weight loss and wellness potential with this step-by-step actionable guide. This is a self-study experience that will help you dig deeper and discover the true motivation behind your weight and wellness goals. Tune into what your body is truly asking from you as you begin to embed healthier habits into your life. Download the guide and print it out to work through it in your own time. Learn how to recognize and evaluate your triggers and start to understand what’s really pushing your buttons as you slow down and connect with your true self.

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Fasting for Health & Longevity

Are you curious about the health benefits of fasting? Are you fascinated by the relationship between fasting and longevity? I am! In this guide, I’m clearing up the confusion about what fasting really is, all the different types (including fasting with food!), and what results you can expect from doing it. Learn how to increase longevity, better your health, and maintain your weight – all without having to live a day-in, day-out fasting lifestyle. Download this free guide on therapeutic fasting for health and longevity!


Get Happy Meal Plan & Prep Guide

Are you ready to discover the amazing power of mood-boosting foods and nutrients? My 7-Day Mood Boosting Meal Plan and Prep Guide is expertly designed to help supply your body with all the feel good, mood-boosting nutrients it needs to support your brain and nervous system. Inside you’ll find 7 days’ worth of tasty recipes high in mood-elevators (think vitamins B12 and B6, choline, Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, and magnesium) and loaded with fiber, healthy fats and lean proteins, along with an easy to follow preparation guide for getting your meals on the table with ease. This winning combination helps to stabilize your blood sugar, leaving you with less mood swings, less cravings, and a ton more energy!


Food Confidence Grocery Shopping Guide

Navigate the grocery store confidently with this handy Food Confidence shopping guide! Busy working professional and families need every edge they can get, and once you’ve mastered the ins and outs of the grocery store, you’re one step closer to creating the healthy lifestyle you desire. With expert tips on eating seasonally and how to navigate your food choices down every grocery aisle, you’ll learn what to eat more of (and what to avoid), plus simple ways to integrate healthy, nutritious food into your busy, demanding life.


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