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Want to change the way you think about food? You landed in the right place.

I am Danielle Omar, a Registered Dietitian and expert at helping you gain confidence over your food choices.

Whether you want to lose weight, restore your health, or create more energy in your life, I can get you there. Nutrition coaching with me goes far beyond “eat this, don’t eat that.” I show you how to forge a more meaningful life, fueled by the foods that work best for you.

I’ve combined almost two decades of food confidence strategies and behavior change theories into no-nonsense nutrition coaching that is designed to deliver results.

After working with me you’ll have the confidence to command any food situation you encounter.

Danielle in the kitchen

Who I Work With

I work with busy with men and women who are ready to upgrade their health. Between work, family, and a never-ending to-do list, there is little time for much else. But, like you, they want to create long lasting change in the way they eat. Many want to lose weight, start eating clean, or just feel better. They’re looking for the structure, support, and expert know-how to reach a new level of health in their lives.

My clients are ready to make big changes now. They are action-takers who know that if given the right support and structure, they can have achieve great health and wellness. If you are ready to truly change your relationship with food, you are in the right place!

Schedule a Strategy Session

How it works: You and I will meet on the phone (or in person, if you’re local) for a 90 minute laser-focused strategy session.

Prior to our session: I will conduct a comprehensive assessment including a complete case analysis, health history, lab and supplement evaluation, and symptom review.

During our session: We will uncover what’s working and what isn’t with your current eating strategy by reviewing your schedule, food preferences and nutrition goals. We will strategize and customize how you eat to create harmony with your lifestyle, your health, and your palate. Whether your goal is weight loss, healing digestive issues, detox, creating a clean eating lifestyle, or even training for your first 10K, we will create a plan tailored 100% for you. No more wondering how to achieve your health goals. You’ll get the clarity and specifics you’ve been longing for with a plan that is easy to follow.

After our session: You’ll receive handouts with nutrition recommendations and guidelines, brand recommendations, and condition-specific resources for putting your new plan into practice after our strategy session. You’ll also receive personalized recommendations for professional quality supplements, as needed. You will know the exact next steps to take to achieve the results you’re looking for. With your action plan in hand, you will feel empowered and know exactly what to do to meet your health and wellness goals.

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